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Khmer Business Alliance helps you to get your life better. We will be providing various services, including but not limited to soliciting and attaining certain financing for you and any related corporations. Connecting Parties with the appropriate service provider sector in aiding you to achieve your goals.


Experience & Expertise

Small Business Start-up (Turn on Key Operation)

Business Plan/Loans/Signs/Logo

Equipment/Leasehold Improvement Financing

Construction/Interior/Exterior Design

Mortgage/Business Refinancing

Commercial Property Leasing

Government Permits & Registrations Business/Personal

Legal Service Personal/Business

Accounting Service Business/Personal

Experience & Expertise

Auditing Representation Business/Personal

Realtor Commercial/Personal/Private

Insurance Service Commercial/Personal

Personal/Business Loans/Credit Line/Credit Card

Credit Consolidation & Bankruptcy Business/Personal

Marketing & Advertisement

Non-Profit Funding Program/s

Sole Proprietorship, Entrepreneur, Corporation

Immigration Consultant

Community & Social Services


Help Pledge to COVID-CAMBODIA Fundraising. Every dollar from your support makes a significant change to the lives of those desperately in need in times of crisis impacted by the pandemic.

Khmer Business Alliance Inc. is currently working with all necessary departments and candidates to raise funds, bring solutions and help to support COVID-CAMBODIA 2022. Funds will be distributed to provide masks, alcohol, food, clothing, and all other necessities throughout Cambodia. Providing for people in quarantine or/and those indeed. (Follow us on Khmer Business Alliance Inc. page for update activities).

Sponsored by Khmer Business Alliance Inc.. We will contribute 25% of the total donation raised annually. “ Thank you ALL for your contributions and supports” 

Business Consultant & Immigration Consultant

ទីប្រឹក្សាអាជីវកម្ម & អន្តោប្រវេសន៍

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